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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Usikawai Panic!

It’s the pain in your heart:

when you have been home for three and a half months and you don’t want to go back to college;

when there’s so much jam on Thika road, Lang’ata road, Ngong’ road, Mombasa road, Waiyaki way and you are late for work on your last day; 

when you have procrastinated too much and you have to do everything in a hurry;

when you haven't finished your packing;

when you see those “Back to School” advertisements;

when you don't properly say goodbye to the one you love;

when you haven’t read during the holidays and your exams are coming up;

when you are in a new place but you feel out of place;

when you love him but he doesn’t love you back;

when you heard about her plane accident;

when you were scared that he has been kidnapped;

when you hear that someone went to be with the Lord;

when you are scared that your plans won’t work out;

when you get that eviction letter and you don’t know where your kids will stay;

when you can’t even pay their school fees;

when your friends all leave the country and you are left behind;

when you miss your flight (my siblings where you at?);

when you call him but he doesn’t pick your calls and you’re scared he’s not ok;

when they said they love each other but fight all the freaking time,

when you are so alone in the world and your journals don’t comfort you anymore,

when you miss Sunday service coz you thought you wouldn't feel bad;

when you undergo culture shock and you can't make friends;

when you are homesick and you wish you just went to school elsewhere;

when you forget to read your Bible every day;

when you forget to pray;

when you forget that in this life, USIKAWAI PANIC!