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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Will You?

Will you wait for me on the other side
be patient as I hesitate
reach out for me
hold my hand
help me cross the bridge of love...?

Will you accept me as I am
put up with my strange notions
my strange beliefs
traditional fixations
and the occasional irrational behaviour...?

Will you please understand
my dark moods have nothing to do with you
my bright moods have everything to do with you
my sarcasm is not meant to hurt
that my teasing is only friendly jest...?

Will you accept the fact
I will always love Chelsea
but after the argument with the boys
all I wanna see is you
that my 'vodka' will never take your place
Because I'm only addicted to you...?

That when I'm absorbed in my novel
I can hardly hear you
But I will feel your hands on my shoulders
I will spot the cup of coffee
and when I'm through,at whatever time
I just wanna be in your arms...?

Will you please look me in the eye
and gently bring me back
when I delve into Russian literature
archaic poetry and philosophy
or weird principles of physics...?

Will you please remember
the little boy in me will never grow up
I will always be naughty
I will always be up to mischief
always need your love,care and affection...?

I wrote this note because love and and reality can never be separated...they complement each other...
So,if you love me,as a friend or otherwise...this is for you...

©Yves M. Dushimimana.

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