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Friday, December 30, 2011


Happy New Year! It’s 212012 for me. I’ve just turned 21 and it’s almost 2012 and I’ve been toying with the idea of writing two posts, one inspired by my friend Brenda and the other by my 21st birthday, and since I’ve not gotten to writing any of them yet, I have decided to combine both posts into one reflective post about the coming year and turning 21. So here’s my 212012.

Turning 21 really shouldn’t be a big deal, but since it’s a life-altering moment where I school, I might as well make a big deal about it. It’s my birthday, I’m turning 21 years old, though most people claim that I’m more mature than my years, and I get asked a lot these days about where I work, how it feels almost being 30 etc. (I’ve now resolved to laugh very loudly at this or take it as a complement, though I’m not sure my family thinks I am that mature, but that’s not the story here…)

So I’m turning 21, and it’s turning 2012. It’s my 212012. What do I hope for? I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions. I make so many that I either never keep or always forget, and I hence end up making resolutions throughout the whole year. But since ni mwaka mpya, mwamko mpya, mambo mapya, umri mpya, I might as well get on with it.

1. Here’s to continue being my BEST.

Last week, my friend Brenda mentioned how her children would be lucky because she was going to be the BEST mother. I couldn’t agree more. Brenda’s children are going to be one lucky bunch! Incidentally, Brenda reminded me what it means to be one’s best. Like her, I have always believed in being my best at all times, but mostly just in school. Brenda has challenged me to aspire to be my best, the BEST in all other aspects of my life. So here’s to working on being the best sister, daughter, friend, student, Sunday school teacher, colleague, employee, child of God. Here’s to being the BEST Miriam.

2. Here’s to submitting my WRITING to get published.

The first person to encourage me to write was my father…then my professors…then my younger sister…and now my friends. I started this blog to try and make some baby steps into the world of writing, and now, I hope to start crawling in 212012!

3. Here’s to ENJOYING EACH DAY. No more postponing fun!

Mr. Ayiro told me this past holiday to enjoy each day and not to postpone my fun. So here’s to not mourning my childhood or dreaming up my future too much. Here’s to not complaining about my current stage in life. Here’s to living each day, enjoying each day, and rocking my life!

4. Here’s to learning how to WAIT.

Thank you my amazing friends and family who continually keep up with the super impatient crazy me, answer my late night phone and skype calls and give me not very good advice, sometimes…hehe. But you’ll be happy to learn that I am now new and improved like the Harpic Suzanne Owiyo is advertising…LOL…yes, email or call for more details. :)

5. Finally, here’s to faithfully RUNNING MY RACE.

Rant alert! I get this a lot from society, that since I was good at high school, I should be studying something novel, like computational physics I suppose. I’m studying anthropology society, because I want to understand social problems and I want to come up with my own God-inspired innovative ways of tackling them. I’m NOT sorry if you think I’m not putting my brain to good use (maybe I just want to sleep), or not doing something useful for Africa. (God knows many of your doctors, engineers, and economists are holed up in this diaspora). Anyway, I got good grades in those ‘hard’ sciency subjects only because I ALWAYS put in my BEST effort, and my best just turned out to be one of the best. I don’t enjoy, still don’t, maths, physics and chemistry. But I’m being my best every day, and I’m doing it for God, sorry not you, it’s all about my Maker. I’m running the race He’s set out for ME. This time 212012, and for all time, I’m working not to compare myself, I’m not looking out to see who’s in the next lane, who’s doing A or B or C. Some run fast, some run slow…but we all get to our OWN prize at the end, and I personally just want God to be my great reward, not some earthly legacy that moths can destroy. Raundi hii, I’m running my race. And that’s it.

As usual, the overall resolution of my life and motto of this blog, thanks to Peter Ayiro, remains kwa hii life, usikawai panic!

Have a Happy New Year everyone and may God richly bless you!


  1. Lovely!!!! Happy Birthday Miriam dear!

  2. Happy belated birthday dear sister. Happy to read that you've got such wonderful resolutions for next year.Also remember the 'resolution' we made together late one night.

  3. Haha yes Jebet, I will never forget it. Plus, I have you to remind me when I do :)