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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Stingo Za Kutumia Bible Study Kuingisha Manzi Box

You imagine her face in a photo.

Will the light capture the unspoken secrets in her eyes? Will people know that her smile sears your heart? Will anyone hear the caress in her voice mystifying you with a sense of the unknown? Will she ever know that your brow coils in a frown when you can only call her “God-fearing” and “pretty” but not “mine”?

“I’m having trouble understanding what this verse here means,” she interrupts you.

She’s caught you staring, but you look down quickly to save face.

“Yeah…umm…so I think the way people have generally interpreted Jesus’ words...”

Your voice trails off as you show her the underlined words in your Bible, explaining why the adulteress anointed Jesus’ feet, wondering all the time if Jesus could lend you some of his power.

Because right now, your words fail you, and you are skirting on the edges of fearless abandon, looking at the ledge that holds you back, reading the words you inscribed years before, reciting them to your heart, trying to tame what you can’t control anymore.

“Maybe tomorrow when I take her photo after the Bible study session,” you console yourself.

Tomorrow, when she’ll stand in front of your camera, and you no longer have to fight for those stolen moments, because you’ll capture her—in your Nikon lens, and in the hidden curve of your heart.

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