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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

For Single Girls…

I've been thinking about leaving, how you'll leave, how you've left, how they always leave.

When I sat next to you in church today I thought you would pray for me. The pastor said, "Pray for the person next to you", and I thought you would hug me to you, whisper an ode for me, inflame a bygone love to fill my inborn longing, to mark me with your infinite touch, and commit me to His arms, to your arms.

Yet I was alone when I reached my hand over your back, let it settle on that perfect arch, where the bend of your spine told me to stop. I swear I felt your heartbeat. And a pool of your warmth settled on my palm, and I prayed for you, longed for you. Hungered for His love to fill your heart to fill mine.

Maybe you would watch me in white walking down an aisle to your embrace, maybe you would carry me over a threshold and make me yours forever. Maybe you would kiss me. Seal His love in your heart, on my lips, in my heart.

But you left. Left without saying goodbye, without a word, neither charming nor the prince. They said the ones who love God are the best. They were wrong. They were right. Because here I am with my love-lorn-heart, writing about how you'll leave. How you've left. How they all leave.

Fall in love with Him before you fall for him. You may never be his bride, or you may be his bride for a while. But you’ll be His bride for all eternity.

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  1. Wow Miriam, I wish all the singles not only the ladies even the men could read this. I loved the part "Fall in love with Him before you fall for him"

    Be blessed