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Saturday, March 17, 2012

When it's too late

We, human beings, have the knack of not knowing what we have until it is gone; until it is too late and the cock has crowed. 

We don’t tell each other about our love, until one of us is gone and the chance is passed up for all eternity, and

We overlook our family thinking they'll always be there, forgetting that their bonds of love are the ones that cushion the shocks of life, and

We take our friends for granted because we are too busy, and when we realize that time is fleeting, we are too late because they moved on without us, and

We hurt each other and hold on to the hurt and grudge, and vow to live to fight another day but in the years we forget what the quarrel was all about, and

We live for the cheap thrills and quick fixes and don’t stop to think, to thank; we forget that we are only here for a season.

We forget that,

When the last trump shall sound and our script is read, and

When we wonder if we had missed reading some words, or if there were words that we should have said but didn’t, and

When we finally stand muted before the imminence of mortality, then,

We might remember that we are human, replete with imperfections, and that

We have the knack of not knowing what we have until it is gone; until it is too late and the cock has crowed.

We might remember that we once  took a savior for granted, and crucified him, and yet he was the Son of God.


  1. I love you Miriam,and above all, i love that you have God in your life, that is everything!

    1. thanks Betterhalf!! we thank Him for everything, yes?

  2. Replies
    1. asante sana! thanks for your support from the very beginning! Ninawapenda nyote! :)

  3. such a great read, i always learn a thing or two from you. keep it up. Thanks a lot for sharing!