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Monday, July 30, 2012

Busherian Blues

I love Alliance Girls High school with unbridled passion. I know that line sounds like something from a primary school composition, but I don't care about cliche now. I attended Bush from 2005-2008, and I can confidently say that those four years were some of the best years of my life.

Two Sundays ago, I attended the Sunday service and Christian Union afternoon meeting. The chapel has more benches. Alliance now enrolls 1000+ girls, up from the 800+ during my time. There are new buildings, the dining hall has been extended, and the hall is under renovation. And it’s not just the newness in the buildings that strikes me, but the refreshing spirit of the girls. Praise and worship had an upbeat mood, with untimed dancing and singing. I kept asking myself whether the girls knew how blessed they are, how lucky they are to live under a new dispensation..hehe.

Anyway, I love Bush for many reasons that I discover as my life goes on. For the longest time in primary school, I dreamed of being a student there. I loved the green uniform (my class was the first lot to wear it), and the fresh air. There’s nothing like cool fresh Kikuyu air. I loved lounging in the field on Sunday afternoons, when I carried my journal and wrote down far-flung dreams and promises to God. I loved second-term, when I’d begin practicing for German performances at the music festivals, and when I’d go out every Saturday afternoon for football tournaments that I never played in. I loved sleeping in on Sundays, when I became “depressed” and started my day at 8am. I loved going for morning devotion at 4am, learning so much about God’s kingdom in the process. I loved the days of Joint Movie with Alliance High School, when I’d be the first Busherian to arrive at Carey Francis Hall, and gloat at the stoic captains who’d stand with blank faces and furious frowns, ensuring that every last damsel had left the vicinity. I loved giving a yellow rose flower to a certain Accrosian, who blushed to high heaven at my tender gesture. Haha! Those days (and many more) were filled with memory and light, and the relentless desire to be all that I could be in four short years.

I intended to write more, but my best times in Bush will be preserved in my heart for now. Ultimately, Bush makes me recall the words of a wise man, who once said that you should train a child in the way he should go, so that when he is older, he will not depart from it (Prov 22:6). Thank you Bush. I am STILL walking in the light.

In front of the chapel with two of my favorite people from Bush (and now) -
 Peter Ayiro and Brenda Kamande


  1. I love Alliance Girls too :-)

    1. mean the girls or the school. Be clear :P

  2. the girls are the school, the school is the girls..I just love Alliance Girls!

  3. "I loved giving a yellow rose flower to a certain Accrosian, who blushed to high heaven at my tender gesture..." LOOOOOOOLLL!! I love this!