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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Burdens We Were Never Meant to Carry

It seems trivial at first because it’s become a part of you. It sticks to you like a second skin, clawing at your body and your nerves. It breathes to seize your breath, take over your waking moments, till all you want to do is look over your shoulder and wonder; wonder who’s watching, who’s judging, who’s applauding your performance.

Today I walked down an icy road with the past staring like a hollowed tunnel before me, and I heard your voice, felt it settle on my heart like a warm touch on winter's night, like the first sign of rain in drought.

You said you carried the cross for me. You hung forsaken, your body torn, laden with enough burdens for eternity. 

I’m sorry for the burdens I keep taking up, sorry that it took me this long to obey. I’ll shed my skin for you, run my race for you, take your light burden and your easy yoke upon me. Because I’m done with this burden I was never meant to carry. 

All I want is to be with You.

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