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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Oh How He Loves Us!

On a trip to Washington DC in the past few weeks, I met the most wonderful 7-year old girl. I stayed with her family for the night that I was in DC. Upon arriving there, I found a card addressed to me. What touched me the most was the excitement with which she had looked forward to my arrival, and the love that she poured on me…Check out the card below:

Gloria reminded me of Christ, and why he must have said that the kingdom belongs to these little ones. If we want to be like him, we should be like them, like Gloria. Loving without inhibitions, without expectation, without knowing the person we should love. It’s the same way Christ loves us, loving us before we were born, loving us DESPITE our imperfections. I pray that Gloria grows up into a powerful woman of God, while still holding on a child’s attitude.

On an entirely different note, I have reposted here something I read from a blog I follow called "John Green's notes from Kenya". Mr Green, as I used to call him, was the principal of Testimony Primary School, one of the schools I’ve attended in my life.

“ONLY that the One Who first Thought of me, designed and created me, has faithfully WATCHED over my life every second until now! As I look back, I only see proof of His Care, the Truth of His Word and Promises, and a PATIENCE with me that puts all my own relationships to shame. Thank you Father, for giving me opportunity to live, time to find our why, and love that has continually found ways to save and deliver me from all my errors, doubts, and anxieties. Let it be known that I was not brought up or TAUGHT this. I was SHOWN this, and now I BELIEVE in God Almighty, and in JESUS CHRIST His Son, without Whom nothing (including you and me) could have been Created or have Existance; by Whom I am Forgiven, Cleansed, and still patently being prepared to BE in Eternity with Him. I look forward with anticipation to Everlasting LIFE, and the commencement of THE Great Adventure........."

I thought the message is very powerful, and I wanted to share it on this blog. How exciting it is to walk this life with the Lord!” Be blessed!

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