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Saturday, April 14, 2012

RIP Mary Onyango

It's hard to eulogize a person you never knew, but there's so much about Mary Onyango that I admired. One of these days, I will write an essay about such women. I look at them from the sidelines of their lives, and I can only exclaim: what a woman! So here's a poem for a woman I never knew, but who I know was loved and admired by many. May God rest your soul in His eternal peace.

Mary Onyango,

If I could write a song for you,
 Mary Onyango
I’d compose a wordless requiem,
and sing it in the octaves of my heart.

If I could speak of you,
I'd tell of your fiery resolve,
to work and fight till the day you died.

If I could hold a mass for you,
I’d wear your favorite pink,
eat Christ's crusted flesh and
drink his blood and plead—

 rise with her again.

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