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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

When in Rome...A Pictologue

Enjoy a blueberry milkshake with nutella and whipped cream

Get on the rooftop of a tall building overlooking Roma

DRINK SPREMUTA! Freshest, bestest orange juice you will ever enjoy!

Visit the Roman Forum, and wish you knew enough history....what happened there??

Il Colosseo! The Colosseum--one of the 7 wonders of the medieval world, and Gladiator!

Random picture of a cross. Remember who makes life possible!
Fashion for priests....hehe

The National Monument of Victor Emmanuel II, the Altare della Patria.  Thou shalt not liter or sit on the steps

Alas! St. Peter's Basilica! Wait for it.....

Yes! No arms, no thighs! Now you know where the Strathmore dress-code comes from...
I had to buy me a shirt :(

A Swiss guard...this place cries Angels and Demons all over 
The Vatican has to be the most beautiful place, artistically speaking

Yes, that's a painted ceiling by none other than Michaelangelo

I suspect Pope Benedict lives down that drive

What's Italy without some pasta!
And the pizza,

And tiramisu,

And most importantly, GELATO, and the joy of soon-to-be family :)
PS: Eat gelato every single day!! There's something poetic about eating traditional Italian ice-cream in Italy


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    1. thank you. Hope you visited other European cities during your time in Deutschland!!