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Monday, November 10, 2014


This is how you call us home -
Wheels on ice and blazing lights,
ten thousand killer cells and
exploding planes that
interrupt this wakefulness called

This is how you call us to
Wedding dresses in coffins

Why didn’t you do that to your Son?
This unexpected business
You prime and prep him
You utter ancient words of prophecy to precede him
You engineer his mission before you fashion the stars
And number his days down to the very hour

You let him live his life knowing
Exactly how you call him home ̶
His crimson stains
The cast lots on his clothes
His lost cast of disciples
The way he would beg you up in Gethsemane
Take this cup away but have your way.

Why do you do this for your Son,
but gift us this unexpected shortness of breath?

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