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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lord Let Me. A Prayer.

Like Miriam, let me sing your praises every day of my life
Like David, let me be a woman after your own heart
Like Caleb, let me yield great fruit and a good report
Like Esther, let me find favor before the rulers of this world
Like Ruth, let me leave everything I know and follow you
Like Daniel, let me stand by you in this broken and dying world
Like my Mother, let me learn to listen to your voice
Like my Father, let me know that you always provide
Like Teacher, let me never panic in this life
Like Tai, let me serve you all the days that I live
And like Jesus, let me do the will for which you sent me to this earth, and to finish it. 


  1. Amazing Miriam...amazing... proud of you!

  2. This is my favourite,..absolutely beautiful.

  3. thank you Sharon! Let's live for Him :)

    btw, 'Teacher' there refers to Mr. Ayiro. :)

  4. I totally complete description of who you are and who I hope to become too. Love you small(but still big )siz.

  5. Thanks P. I'm still getting there, let's continue praying and trusting God. Love you too :)