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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Tim und Struppi a.k.a The Adventures of Tintin...A Childhood

one of the tintin comics
A few days ago, I watched the Steven Spielberg directed movie Tim und Struppi, known in the English speaking world as The Adventures of Tintin. Because animations don't rank high up in my movie wish list, I was a bit reluctant about going to watch this on the big screen, but since I wasn't paying for my ticket, I decided to tag along. And meyn am I happy I did. Watching this movie almost made me teary-eyed. It took me right back to my childhood...oh nostalgia.

I've read all of the Tintin comics. I honestly don't know if other Kenyan kids did too. Unlike the Hardy Boys and Famous Five--also detective like children's books--Tintin had a special place in my heart. You see, my mother read Tintin to us. To this day, I still remember how she would change her voice, expressing shock, anxiety, suspense and the best part...her Indian accent. I would curl up at the crook of her feet, earnestly listening to Tintin and Snowy nab the bad was truly epic...

About three years ago, my siblings and I bought the entire collection of Tintin books. Over the years, we had kept losing our comics, and when we got the chance to replace all of our comics, we didn't hesitate. But still, it's not the same. I can't curl up at my mother's feet, I can't go back to being truly enthralled by Tintin through my mother. I miss those days, the Tintin days, the childhood days...

On the other hand, watch the movie if you haven't yet.


  1. Me too Jero I miss those days those warm evenings after supper when mum used to read for us Tin Tin I still remember "Billions of blue blistering bunacles...Thundering typhoons" We have an awesome mum.

  2. yep Chems, mum's my hero! btw, it sounds funny when Herzog says it in German hehe!

    And btw, do you realize how much English mum taught us, reading the Bible every day and all? My professor here asked me if I learnt English in class 2, I told her I learnt it in kindergarten, and our mum taught us too, a lot.

  3. Aki Jero am sad(sobs sobs) as I recall I myself did not have that opportunity of listening to the tin tin stories, but I think mum made up for it in other ways.

  4. Don't worry love. You know you were too young anyway to understand anything. But you know you're mum's handbag a.k.a apple of the eye, so you've had more adventures with her than all of us combined! :)