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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We are just human

I love reading different blogs just to see what other people find interesting. One thing that I have observed is the theme of friendship. What entails a good friend, what kind of friend you are etc. Also interesting is the idea being peddled around, that some people can’t be our friends because for some reason, they were never meant to be in our lives. I consider this explanation a new age invention created to boost our self-esteem, and make us forget our own weaknesses by placing us on an imaginary pedestal above others.

You may consider someone to have hurt you, to be a terrible friend, to have forgotten to keep in contact with you. Well, before you throw the first stone, think about your own life. I know I am a best friend to some, an acquaintance to others and a terrrible friend to others. That’s why I hesitate to judge, to spitefully claim that God didn’t want some people to be in my life, that they are some sort of baggage that God didn’t intend me to carry. Although this may somewhat be true, it has the connotation that God doesn’t care about these other people, that I am so special that God would pointedly mark some people as not part of Miriam’s life. God loves those other people too, you know. Maybe He didn’t want YOU in their lives.

Consider another scenario: You lose contact someone. You were the one who never replied the text message, or never answered the email. It may be that someone somewhere has done the same thing to you—left you hanging. Hence, you are caught up in the human chain of imperfection. We can’t always be there for each other, we can’t always have a 100 friends of whom we keep constant touch with. I know I can’t. And I’m sorry for it, but I’m not beating myself about it. I’m just human, and so are you. If you are claiming now that your friends have abandoned you, chances are that you have also abandoned some unknown friend somewhere. So relax, don't panic, enjoy your life.

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