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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Walking in a dark world…

Walking into Heathrow Airport, I was faced once again with one of my least favorite developments in airport security: the seemingly numerous full body security checks. This now normal routine, a result of the increased terrorist activities in this world, also reflected the current happenings back home in Kenya—the now normal security checks before getting into malls, buildings, and now even churches. After getting myself checked and while walking into the transit area, one thought came to my mind to reassure me.

Even as the days of this world grow darker, His grace grows even stronger, His light ever more guiding. 

Just as David must have felt writing the 23rd psalm, echoing how his Lord walked with him in the shadow of the valley of the dead, I experienced the same calm assurance; the same unwavering conviction. In that short walk, I knew that even as before, I never walk alone. I have a wandering heart, and often, the feet of my heart yearn to walk. Even then, I am hidden under the shadow of God’s wings, enveloped in the arms of Christ, and guided by His Holy Spirit. Resting in Him, even as the days of this earth grow ever darker, I know I will walk with Him even to the end of the age. But in the mean time, I will face whatever the world throws at me, using each opportunity to cause God’s name to be glorified, be it through co-operating, smiling at the security officers, saying ‘how do you do?’, you name it. Let your light shine before men, even and especially, when walking in a dark world.

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