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Friday, September 2, 2011

I wish I could wipe away your tears
Make the pain go away
Make today the end of your worries
Make you happy.

Sometimes the mountains are too steep
And you let go and come back down
I wish I could take your mountain away
Make it a hill
Make it disappear
Make you smile again

Life is so hard, you say
Your life is full of stress and pain
You don't know how long you want to stay
Because when the pain comes
It hurts so much
You want to disappear

I cry for you in my sleep
I cry for you when I wake up
I carry you in my heart
And I cry for you
When will I see you smile again?
When will I make you happy?

And then I remember
That death is the last enemy
That the Son of God
That God the Father

And that if death is the last enemy
Then death will not defeat us
Whether in this life
Or in the life to come
Because the Son of God
Defeated the last enemy

The mountain may not disappear now
The pain may linger on
The troubles and the stress may plague you
But God the Father
The Father of Compassion
And the God of all Comfort
Will never let you go.

He will stand in the gap
He will hold you
Like a mother holding her baby
He will comfort you
For He alone can wipe away our tears

And then at the end of time
When we stand before His throne
You, I, and those who left too soon,
We shall declare
"Where, O death, is your victory?"
"Where, O death, is your sting?"


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  1. It is very consoling. Continue with your God-given talent, LOVE.