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Saturday, October 15, 2011

How I didn’t learn how to ice skate.

I’m really not supposed to write anything in English, but I can’t really express myself as well in the language I’m supposed to be using, plus it will take a lot of time, sweat, energy, and I don’t have enough time for even homework…sigh…

Okay, so ice-skating…

I have never gone to Panari Sky Center to ice-skate, I have never roller-bladed. I don’t know how to move my body in the unnatural way so many people can. But today, miles away from home, I went to ice-skate. And…

I didn’t learn how to ice-skate. I fell on the ice three times. Thank God for my padding because otherwise…but I ended up hurting my elbow and I’m in pain right now :/ I relied on the poor girls who had to drag me along the ice and ‘show’ me how it’s done…but in between the language barrier and the different directions, I never learnt anything.

So why am I even bothering to write?

Because I didn’t get an epiphany about not giving up. Quite the contrary. Today, I learnt that when you get hurt, it’s probably time to take a break, to BREATH, to re-strategize, and then to get back on the ice. I’m gonna let my elbow heal up, I’m gonna relax and let go, and then I’m gonna take a ice-skating class when I get back on campus. Yes, one day, I will learn how to ice-skate. I know, sounds like a don't give up speech, but I just wanted to emphasize on the time factor. It takes time, you don't have to do it all at once, or achieve it all today or even tomorrow. Enjoy the journey...BREATH!

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